Trumps supporters should be “cleansed” from the country?

Will Smith, press conference
Will Smith, press conference

It has been proven once again that freedom of speech and opinion doesn’t apply to our list of liberties anymore. Given the current turmoil that is tearing apart the GOP, it seems as though even considering a word Donald Trump says automatically makes you a racist. What’s so wrong with informing yourself about a presidential candidate? Well, according to Will Smith, all Trump supporters, or those who even think of voting for him, need to be “cleansed from the country.”

What does this sound like? Yes, the hypocrisy of the Left. They talk about our freedoms, speak out against inequality and unfairness, yet condemn those who practice their right of choice.  

During his promotional conference, Smith stated: “We get to know who people are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country.” 

What is crucial to point out is that Smith, like many of those on the Left, is shedding more light on the very same issues they are “sick” and “embarrassed” of hearing about! As a presidential candidate, Trump has more stances than just wanting to put the brakes on immigration. For example, protecting the second amendment of the Constitution… if the Left hasn’t forgotten what that is.

Read more about why Smith wants to “cleanse” the country at Breitbart.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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