The DNC: A Hollow Cry

Obama, Hillary Clinton, DNC
Obama, Hillary Clinton, DNC

First the Republicans held their flag-waving convention. Then it was the Democrats’ turn to cheer their party on.

Predictably, there was a lot of sneering critique over the speeches at the Republican convention, and there’s plenty of print and pundits to say so, but as the Democrats’ convention unfolded, we heard Barack Obama and Bill Clinton make claims that are incomprehensible.

Bill Clinton gave a loving accounting of first seeing Hilary, meeting her and ultimately getting married. He rattled off a list of what her accomplishments are in his eyes, and undoubtedly the younger generation was inspirationally moved.

For those of us who authentically remember the ‘90s Clintons, coupled with what’s happening presently, the move was quite different.

Bill’s offerings of Hillary’s accolades are one thing, but to paint a picture of a happily married couple is purely mythical. Some would try to argue she’s just a trooper, and the two worked out their problems. That would presume Bill has botoxed his libido since Monica.

In 2015 we learned that Bill was good friends with convicted and imprisoned pedophile Jerry Epstein. Flight manifests show Bill was a frequent flyer on Epstein’s bordello-in-the-sky to his Caribbean orgy island. Things cooled with Epstein’s imprisonment, but (March 2014 and January 2015) tells of the 2011 lawsuit that exposed the antics as well as the report that one of the girls was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding.

Considering how Bill spent his time while Hillary was a U.S. senator and Secretary of State, it’s a legitimate concern to think he may be “First Gentleman.”

Bill failed to mention the long list of scandals that make, or should make, the public sit up.

The list, beginning $100,000 cattle futures, real estate loans, missing documents, Travelgate and so on, up to today’s list, is too cumbersome to recite.

According to primo hacker Julian Assange, there’s more to come.

Equally, President Obama’s words were quite incredible.

He talked of healthcare being a “right” and again bragged of 20 million people having insurance, thanks to the Democrat-forced Obamacare.

NCPA (April 7) reported:

1) “Medical costs of care for the new individual market members were, on average, 19 percent higher than employer-based group members in 2014 and 22 percent higher in 2015;”

2) one quarter of Obamacare exchanges are not the properly functioning health insurance markets the president promised in 2010; and

3) they are “just pools for very expensive patients who sign up when they think they will need care and then drop out after consuming it.”

Obama and Democrats told Americans repeatedly that we must have Obamacare because of our uninsured 47 million Americans (excluding non-citizens).

“The Congressional Budget Office projected that by 2023 … 31 million people will still be uninsured.”

Initially the CBO scored an Obamacare cost of $900 billion for the first decade (based on what data they were fed). The scheme was: “To get the bill under $1 trillion, taxes that would never be implemented and cuts that would never be made were added” (about news, March 20).

Remember Jonathan Gruber? Hillary’s riding the same train.

Obama touted a low unemployment rate while ignoring the true facts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports those not in the workforce when Obama took office in January 2009 numbered 80.529 million. As of June 2016, it is 95.517 million.

Donald Trump is criticized for speaking of a dangerous world. Obama laughed at that, at the same time Germany and France are experiencing horrific terrorist activities by Obama’s JV team. Hillary agrees with the president and refuses to name the enemy, choosing to call them simply “jihadists.”

It was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who refused to add Boko Haram to the terrorist list. Shortly, that group captured 300 school girls who have disappeared. The assessment is they are sex slaves in some hellhole.

Declaring Hillary is the best one to keep America safe is anemic.

To counter Trump’s claims of “making America great again,” Obama and Clinton suddenly took on the theme that America is already great.

That’s quite contradictory from the man who bolted into the White House on the promise of “fundamentally transforming” America and then took multiple presidential apology trips to debase America.

Obama is convinced America is more liked around the world since he took office.

Obama said we should listen to each other and not refuse to compromise.

That doesn’t jibe with the 2009 post-inauguration conversation between then-Minority Leader Eric Cantor and Barack Obama, wherein Obama told Cantor “elections have consequences” and shut the door on all Republicans. Obamacare passed behind the Democrats’ closed door.

In November 2013, Sen. Harry Reid doubled down and “broke the Senate rules,” passing the nuclear option precluding Republican debate.

Obama called for “more justice in the justice system.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder cherry-picked the people the Justice Department would prosecute, and those it would not. Days ago, Attorney General. Loretta Lynch’s rendezvous with Bill Clinton resulted in Set-Hillary-Free.

Justice is a hollow cry.

Obama declares Hillary is the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS.

Among others, research George H.W. Bush and Richard M. Nixon. Not because they’re Republicans, but for their remarkable experiences before their presidencies.

Knowing Republicans would help impeach him, Nixon took the right route and resigned over what now seems to be minute, compared to the present.

Republicans know how to take out their own trash.

Photo credit Andrew Dallos

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.