The contradiction behind the “Naked Trump” statue


Presidential hopeful Donald Trump doesn’t fail to entertain the media with his antics that have Americans questioning, “How is this guy running for president?”

The consistent vulgarity of his character has done nothing less than fuel the Left’s hatred for the GOP while also leaving many to question the integrity of the party’s basis. At this point in his campaign, Americans are repulsed by his extreme commentary, which often sounds like a vomiting of notions that stray from the principles that this nation was founded on.

Party members alike are disillusioned by a candidate who brings forth a faulty vision that is not only tearing apart the GOP but the country as a whole. It is no doubt that Trump’s rhetoric is far from one that reflects a well spoken future president, but the response of the public and the now notorious “Naked Trump” statue seems to preach the very concepts that the Left condemns. “Body-Shaming”, the same term that the Left uses to defend women and LGBT members, has suddenly become appropriate in order to degrade a presidential candidate.

This election has ignited a passion within the people to participate in “trumping hate”. How are they doing it? Never mind the countless protests, the fearless man climbing Trump Towers and the lagging polls, the nation’s discontent with Trump is being represented through an artistic group, Indecline, who created the “Naked Trump” statue.

The life-size “work of art” portrays an exposed, overweight Trump with veiny, wrinkly skin and revealing body features. As the streets of New York welcomed naked Trump, the media and Trump-hating individuals were receptive of the degrading “artwork” as a form of protest.

It seems as though, however, the Liberal art-group has contradicted themselves in their quest to demean Trump, as their message was miscarried. While some indulged in taking photos, videos and posting on social media, others took offense as the statue displayed the “immense hypocrisy that was occurring right in front of my eyes.”

The Trump statue was not merely a naked statue of “The Donald”, but a representation, and a contradiction of a larger message. For years, the Left has preached messages of hope, acceptance, liberating oneself and promoting positive images of one’s body. Women and members of the LGBT community are no strangers to the contorting image standards of society.

Intent on extracting laughs by conveying Trump as an overweight, wrinkly figure, the Liberal art group went against the valued social principles of the Left. Jillian Hailey, an observer and a critic of the statue recalls: “I couldn’t help but take offense to the jeers towards his weight. As a plus size woman myself, finding that society is still judging body size and using it as an insult is nothing less of discouraging.”

The Left is no stranger to contradicting its own preached ideals. It seems as though those on the Left aren’t “offended” this time because they waste no time in targeting someone who does not share their ideology.

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Photo Credits: Torbakhopper

As an active, conservative college student on campus, my initial observation is that the progressives and the liberal left tend to stand out to students as the "expected" political affiliation. I have grown into an individual who cultivated a passion for philosophy and political philosophy alike, in order to reignite the Conservative vision of America. Aside from politics, I am an avid reader, animal lover, and fitness enthusiast.