Terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam

Obama speech, podium
Obama speech, podium

President Obama’s failure to acknowledge the link between recent terror attacks and Islamic faith has become one of the most negligible acts of his presidency. With the rise of ISIS, their kill lists of Christian Americans, terror attacks and the surge of Syrian refugees, it is no doubt that this country is suffering a severe breach in its national security and a decline in the trust of its nation’s leaders.

Unmistakably, though, Muslim Americans who pledge their allegiance to the country should not be categorized under the repulsive group that is the Islamic State. However, the failure of our leaders to stop using “love” as a weapon to fight radical Islam has led us to overlook the dangers that are right before our eyes.

Obama and his thin-skinned administration, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently commented on the Orlando Pulse Night Club shooting, stating that: the motives may “never be known.”  What is incredibly blatant is the Left’s move to once again veil and brush over the clear fact that this attack was motivated by Radical Islamic views. Instead, the Left pushes to promote the idea that the Orlando shooting was solely a “hate crime” on the LGBT community rather than a terror attack by an individual of the Muslim faith.

On the night of the shooting, the shooter made his allegiance clear: “I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may Allah protect, on behalf on the Islamic State.” He also confessed during a 911 call that he was an Islamic soldier and that the Islamic State takes credit for the killing of homosexuals as they demanded their deaths.

But, let’s not jump to any conclusions, the motives are still unclear. Right?

Paired with the Left’s refusal to accept the term “Radical Islamic Terror” and Obama’s plan to fight terror “with love”, it is clear that a solution to this pressing issue is not under the radar for the Obama Administration anytime soon.

What’s worse than people’s willingness to cast their vote for Hillary is their chanting of “Four more Years!” for our friend on the Left.

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