Police officer performs act beyond call of duty

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

Steve Dunham, a local Ohio police officer was not expecting to serve his community like this on July 7th. Standing on a busy intersection, a 7-year-old boy clenched his beloved teddy bear hoping to make some profit selling his stuffed friend. Yes, it’s cute. But not for the right reasons. According to Officer Dunham, the little boy’s stuffed animal was his only hope for a few dollars to buy at least a candy bar.

Doesn’t every kid want to buy a candy bar? Sure. But not every kid is starving.

Going above and beyond his call of duty, Officer Dunham approached the young boy, but it wasn’t to buy his teddy bear. “It broke my heart,” he stated. The two headed toward a local Subway and “said a little prayer and ate dinner together.”

That wasn’t Officer Dunham’s only kind act. After taking the little boy back to the police station and asking where his parents lived, fellow officers went to the house to find four other starving siblings and a house full of empty liquor cans. Upon examining the rest of the house, their decision was clear. The two parents were arrested.

Aside from the obvious concern, it is important to recognize the kindness of the officer who, on top of his day-to-day duties, quite possibly saved the lives of five starving children.

Read more about Officer Dunham’s encounter with the little boy at WashingtonPost.

Picture Credit: Stevie Brown


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