Oops! General Allen makes the case for Trump at the DNC

General John Allen, DNC 2016, Video Still
General John Allen, DNC 2016, Video Still

Gen. John Allen (Ret.) spoke at the Democrat National Convention (DNC) last week to tell use why we need Hillary Clinton in the White House. Listening to him speak, at times I had to wonder if he was at the wrong convention. Or maybe he’s been in a coma for the last 7 years. Here are a few highlights from his speech:

“We trust in her judgement.”

Hence my questioning his 7-year coma status. Based on recent polls, he’s in a VERY small minority on that one.

“With her as our Commander in Chief, America will continue to lead this volatile world. We will oppose and resist tyranny and we will defeat evil. America will defeat ISIS and protect the homeland.”

As Secretary of State, she was in a position to make a huge impact on ISIS. But, wouldn’t it have been easier to defeat ISIS before it mushroomed into it’s current state? Maybe he’s saying Obama hasn’t done a very good job. But is that really a message you want to deliver to the DEMOCRAT Nat’l Convention about the nation’s top Democrat?

“We will stop the spread of nuclear weapons and keep them from the hands of dangerous states and groups.”

Uh… too late for that. The Obama Administration just unleashed holy hell over there in Iran, both funding them and basically giving them a license to create nuclear weapons… oops, I meant energy plants (because there’s no way those trustworthy folks would mislead the U.S., right?)

“Our armed forces will be stronger. They will have the finest weapons and the greatest equipment.”

Our armed forces have been under a DEMOCRAT Commander in Chief for 7 years now and they have been cut in every way possible. What makes him think Hillary is going to do anything different? I’m sure he heard those protesters chanting “No More War” throughout his speech. Those are Hillary’s constituency, and they have no interest in strengthening our military. You didn’t hear that at the RNC.

“Our veterans… will be cared for in the manner they deserve for the sacrifices they have made.”

If this was important to Democrats it would already be done. President Obama and the DEMOCRATS in control have known about the problem and have done NOTHING to fix it. It was fully in their power to do so the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency. And the remaining years the GOP leadership has agreed that it needs to be fixed. But it doesn’t get done. Why would he think that Hillary will do anything different?

“our armed forces will not become an instrument of torture and they will not be engaged in murder or carry out other illegal activities.”

You mean like what’s happening in Syria right now?

“To our allies, to our friends and partners, listen closely… we are with you. America will not abandon you.”

Tell that to Israel and Great Britain!

If he wasn’t already retired, Obama would have taken care of that promptly after that scathing indictment on his failed presidency. Seriously… did he not realize that she’s running for Obama’s 3rd term? Did he not realize that the whole goal is to perpetuate Obama’s policies and ensure his legacy? Doing all those things would only serve to undo what Obama has done, and that isn’t part of the DNC Platform. Someone should have given him directions to the RNC. He was definitely in the wrong room and made the case for the GOP!


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