Once a Clinton, Always a Clinton. Where did the Nuclear Codes go?

Bill Clinton, speaking
Bill Clinton, speaking

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton seem like a perfect pair. Do these two compete against each other in losing the trust of the American people? A former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman (in the department of defense), exposes some of the mishaps that occurred during the presidency of Bill Clinton. The codes used to carry out nuclear protocols went missing during Clinton’s presidency, however, “The codes were actually missing for months.” 

In his book Without Hesitation, General Hugh Shelton explains that even though there is a perception that the President always carries the codes around his neck, his aides are the ones who carry the codes for him.

Once asked for the codes, Clinton realized he didn’t have them. Although officials say that it is incredibly difficult to carry out a command, it is a “serious breach.” 

While the President was given new codes within minutes, his failed realization for their loss is concerning.

It just gets better, doesn’t it? Bill’s lost nuclear codes. Hillary’s lost emails. Hopefully, the next thing they lose is the election.

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Picture Credit: Gage Skidmore


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