Obama commutes 214 drug-offenders, many with gun convictions

President Obama
President Obama

President Obama has vowed to commute the sentences of 214 prisoners who were convicted of nonviolent drug crimes.

However, it seems that 56 of the people who have received shorter prison sentences have a record of firearms-related convictions.

Up to this point, the president has granted shortened sentences to 562 federal prisoners, which is more than any president in a century and more commuted sentences than the nine previous presidents.

With the recent 214 commuted sentences, Obama continues promoting clemency to those who were incarcerated.

The President directed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prioritize petitions for commutations from individuals convicted of non-violent drug offenses who were serving longer sentences than they would be given today if convicted of the same crime.

Some commutation recipients will enjoy freedom immediately, while others will have to seek drug treatment first.

While these term reductions will require applicants to serve additional time, it will also allow them to continue their rehabilitation by completing educational and self-improvement programming and to participate in drug or other counseling services.

By shortening their sentences and providing treatment, Obama claims to be giving non-violent drug criminals the tools necessary to live a productive life. Granting another chance to these convicts is very plausible.

If people are given shorter sentences because they have committed non-violent drug crimes and are not dangerous to anyone, they should not have gun-related convictions, since they reflect a possible dangerous violent behavior.

Even though the White House affirms that each case is reviewed individually before approval, it’s unclear how “gun-related convictions” could be viewed as “non-violent.” Which begs the question, were applicants’ records reviewed carefully enough? Or were the requirements not strict enough?

Take a look and let us know what you think. A good idea? Or not?

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