Neither Assad, the government, nor Syrian Armed Forces, bombed civilians!

Syria, US Military, Propaganda
Syria, US Military, Propaganda

Civilians living in Aleppo and Damascus often move to what is known as “government protected areas”. These are areas where the Syrian National Defense Forces protect their citizens from Islamist attacks. Syrians choose to move to these areas because by doing so, they are “protected”. But mainstream media will quote the propaganda sites and use the propaganda term, “government controlled”. The word “controlled” makes these areas seem sinister, as if human rights are being denied, or that people are being “controlled” or restricted. But it is the opposite.

In government “protected” areas, civilians are able to go about their daily activities freely; whereas, in “opposition” held areas, women are forced to veil themselves (or receive 70 lashes); Christians are denied all rights (and are often crucified, raped or tortured). In “opposition” held areas, Islamic Law is enforced, instead of the freedom and equality Syrians experience in the government “protected” areas.

When the “opposition” targets a city, they hit the densely populated areas where civilians have gone to be “protected”. Opposition groups use missiles (and barrel bombs) from the outskirts, often targeting hospitals, schools, and other areas where civilians are easy targets.

Bit by bit, month after month, the “opposition” groups have been slowly destroying the entire city of Damascus, and much of Aleppo. They then occupy a vacated area that they have previously destroyed and where they can then begin targeting another nearby civilian neighborhood — until those neighborhoods are destroyed also. Opposition armies have systematically destroyed Damascus in this manner.

Each province and large city in Syria has a brigade or division of the National Defense Forces. Members of the National Defense Forces are stationed in their home city or home province so that they can defend their own community from Islamist “opposition” attacks. This system has been successful from preventing an Islamist takeover for obvious reasons: they are protecting their own land and community–they are defending their own families and friends. They do not bomb their own communities and neighborhoods. They do not bomb their hospitals, schools and other public places. Syrian Armed Forces would not target their own children, their wives and their parents, their friends and community.

As in Damascus, the “opposition” has been attacking Aleppo relentlessly. Aleppo is now about a quarter of its original size. In every remaining neighborhood you will see children without limbs or eyes because of an “opposition” attack using barrel bombs which disperse shrapnel that causes terrible wounds. But there are other wounds beyond the visible ones. Wounds created by western media who demonize the legitimate national fighting forces who are fighting the Islamist terrorist groups.

Every Syrian has a family member in the armed services–a son, grandson, a father, or an uncle. Thousands of women joined the armed services during 2015, so many Syrians have a mother, a daughter, or a granddaughter in the armed services. When western media declares that it is the Syrian Armed Forces that are conducting these horrific attacks that maim or kill their children, their wives, their parents and their friends — how do you think the Syrian people feel? They feel betrayed by the West, whose ideals they used to praise and strive for.

Official reports have stated that at least 75,000 foreign Islamists entered Syria from 86 different countries in 2015 to fight as mercenaries for ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Turkish-Saudi Arabian coalition army, Jaish al-Fateh, and the other eight main foreign “opposition” groups (2). These are the Islamists who fire the barrel bombs into civilian neighborhoods — not the Syrian armed forces.

Mainstream media slaps insult onto insult by reporting propaganda that deliberately hinders the expulsion of the terrorists. These terrorist groups are the ones responsible for the refugee crisis, who conduct 100’s of beheadings, crucifixions, drownings, rapes, and torture of innocent civilians each month.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.