Muslims take over swimming pools, too!

Pool for Muslims only
Pool for Muslims only

Public swimming pools aren’t so public anymore, as a British Olympic size pool, ranked the best pool in town, is now reserved for Muslim men. Aside from being publicly funded, the pool that was once open to all is now reserved, once a week, for Muslim men only and restricts the entrance of women.

Citizens expressed their anger, as one stated:

“Why has one section of the community been allowed to dominate and take over the best pool in the borough?”

The biggest part of the pool is reserved for Muslim men, while the smaller pool is given to women during a one-hour time frame. As if this isn’t enough, rules for women were posted at the pool, demanding the Islamic law be respected:

“We count on you to respect the AWRA and not come in a two piece.” 

What is freedom anymore?

The mayor of the town announced his “anger” and “shock” with this “cultural” weekly event, yet nothing has been done about it.

So, what is this weekly “cultural” event that allows Muslim men to shut down a publicly funded pool for their own festivities?

Read more about what they’re doing at the pool at LibertyAlliance.

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