Millennials are offended by a show depicting them as perpetually offended

Millennials, Annoyed
Millennials, Annoyed

What’s so wrong about not being politically correct? That question in itself will probably offend someone. A TV show portraying millennials as being “easily offended” has offended a young focus group member. The Great Indoors, a CBS comedy for young people has received criticism and outraged millions.

A focus group member states: “I’m a millennial myself…and what about our overly politically correct workplace bothers you?”  

Those who see no problem with the series agree that there is an element of “coddling” in the youth, as they are “thinned skinned.” Does that offend them, too?

Not surprisingly, the millennial replied with profane language and a snarky attitude before even letting the interviewer finish his comment.

Hmm, it seems as though the profane language and interrupting signal a discomfort with what is known as the truth.

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