Is American Athlete Gabby Douglas Unpatriotic?

US Gymnastics Girls
US Gymnastics Girls

For two weeks in the Olympics Games, the best athletes of the world gather in one city to compete against each other. They work hard for years just to have to chance to bring home a medal that not only represents their personal talent, but brings pride and honor to their country. In the recent Rio Olympics, the young ladies of the gymnast team have brought pride and honor to the USA by winning a gold medal.

For Gabby Douglas, one of the American gymnasts, this would be her second time representing her country and lift its name high with three gold medals. However, the media is not commenting on her performance, but criticizing her for not placing her hand over her heart during the National Anthem.

Tweets like that one focus on whether her arms are on her side or not, accusing her of being unpatriotic. Douglas was forced to apologize.

Not everyone agrees with this denunciation and feel that Douglas has nothing to apologize for. They believe that it is not mandatory to place a hand over the heart during the National Anthem, unlike the Pledge of Allegiance, where people swear loyalty to America.

Moreover, Douglas had a very hard path to her quest to Rio.

She changed coaches during the U.S. Olympic trials, which was a shock to many in the gymnastics community and a sign of possible turmoil. Still, she made the return trip to the Summer Games, which is an extremely rare feat …

Instead of giving up, she proved that those who doubted her place on the American team after all her trials were wrong.

Besides, supporters argue that, not only once but twice,

Gabby Douglas, like her teammates, has made America look like a winner. That’s fairly patriotic, no?

Most how to stand in respect during the National Anthem when they are children. What have you been taught?

Do you think that placing your hand over your heart during the National Anthem is required and reflects patriotism?

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