How the Left is pro-slavery

Belize farming
Belize farming

Although the Left’s beloved socialist candidate Bernie Sanders is no longer in the presidential running, the Left’s ideologies are still being applied elsewhere. This time, however, the Left is silent. The Venezuelan government is looking to implement forced labor due to food shortages. Is this their socialism, or slavery?

Although unlawful in Venezuela, forced labor may being implemented to combat extreme food shortages. This means that citizens are to work in farms for a 60-day period “which may be extended ‘if circumstances merit’.”

President Nicolas Maduro, in his own defense, has stated that it is part of his executive power to declare the country in a state of economic emergency. Although poverty has increased in the country, it makes sense for citizens to do unpaid work, right? AND is it REALLY unpaid if food is provided to them?

While other government officials are against Maduro’s unlawful action, he continues to push for its implementation.

How does socialism sound now? Sounds a lot like slavery to me!

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Picture Credit: Methee Makornkun

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