Hillary’s promise of 200,000 jobs… FAIL!

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

During her campaign, Hillary Clinton has claimed that she will make

“the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.’’

However, when she was a New York Senator, Hillary failed to fulfill her promise to create 200,000 jobs in Upstate New York. In fact, after eight years of her “leadership,” manufacturing jobs decreased by 24 percent.

Clinton’s campaign claimed that a chart of the New York State Department of Labor reflects the upstate New York gained more 117,000 jobs in her first term only. But it is hard to believe that data since different agencies count jobs and define “Upstate” New York differently.

The Public Policy Institute in Albany reported that data of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that

the region lost more than 31,000 payroll jobs between October 2001 and December 2006.

It is true that she tried to encourage economic development in NY.

“To her credit, she really did focus on economic development upstate as a focus and as a purpose,’’

Recognized David Shaffer, former president of the Public Policy Institute.

However, she was unable to pass “the big-ticket” legislation she hoped and she was resigned to do smaller-scale projects to increase job in the area.

Among other things, she proudly cites in the list of accomplishments during her time as a Senator her development of residential living space for artists in a project called Artspace. But this type of developmental projects improve the quality of life rather than promote a large quantity jobs.

Maybe that is why Nicholas Langworthy, Republican Chairman in Erie County, NY, commented that:

“To have someone running for president of the United States bragging about an Artspace apartment building in Buffalo is laughable,’’ Langworthy said. “That’s a project a city council member or a small-city mayor would champion, not a U.S. senator.’’

Another mistake that Hillary made as a senator was to depend on foreign companies and workers that eventually migrated somewhere else.

It is worrisome that Hillary, as a current Presidential candidate, made the unrealistic promise to add jobs in an already challenging region. Nobody could argue that she may have had intentions to increase jobs, but touting that she would create 200,00 only because it sounds good without a plan to deliver was not correct.

A track record like this only makes Americans wonder if Hillary will really be able to do what she has promised while on her presidential campaigning, if she becomes President.

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Maria Robles is a recent graduate from New Jersey City University. She believes that everyone should be informed about current issues affecting our society.