FOCUS People! Naked Melania or Hillary the THUG?

Donald and Melania Trump, RNC, video still
Donald and Melania Trump, RNC, video still

So what, Melania took nude photos. Hillary is a crook…a THUG! Which one “Trumps?”

I will vote for a ROCK before I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton!

Instead of talking about the Benghazi scandal… the email scandal… the Clinton Foundation scandal… the $6 BILLION that she lost… why Turkey is directly blaming an associate of Hillary Clinton for the recent coup… instead, the media is investigating Melania Trump taking nude photos back in the day. WHO CARES?!?!

Does it not matter to you that Hillary is under REAL investigation? Can you so quickly dismiss it? Do you not have a moral compass? Are you completely morally bankrupt?

Do not be so easily manipulated!

Watch to the end for a special message for Christians!

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