First they want diversity, then they shout ‘Racism!’

College Student, Woman, Confused, Book
College Student, Woman, Confused, Book

It is not the first time that we see universities trying to incorporate or promote diversity on campus. However, a recent freshman orientation letter written by Concordia university dean made students of color stop and consider… “I think I will have to apply elsewhere.”

The letter urged students of color to attend a separate orientation meeting that would gear them towards becoming accustomed to the school, learn about programs, and campus activities. Yet it is no surprise that this was taken the wrong way.

Cheryl Chatman, University Dean of Diversity Affairs, who is an African American woman herself, issued a letter to students of color and was scrutinized for its supposed “racist” content. Students felt as though the letter “segregated” and “isolated” students of color.

It simply read: “In an effort to help new students of color feel more adjusted and connected to the university, a pre-orientation session will be held…all new students of color are expected to attend.”

Isn’t celebrating diversity supposed to be a good thing?

According to CollegeFactual, almost 12% of the student body is African American. Allowing a special orientation for colored students should feel welcoming, not isolating.

It’s important to note that the University Dean did not specifically separate students of color for a separate orientation. The orientation for students of color is in addition to the general orientation for all students.

How is an additional orientation to celebrate diversity a support of segregation? Aren’t university clubs such as the “Black Student Union” (which, in fact, celebrates black cultures) also a “separation” from the rest of the student body?

So is a separate pre-orientation helpful or racist? Read the full article at CampusReform.

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