Don’t worry, Hillary has a doctor’s note… she’s fine.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

One of the well known Democrat Party tactics is to accuse your opponent of that which you’re guilty of. We hear constantly the question of Trump’s mental stability but what of Hillary’s physical stability? Stories of Hillary’s health issues are on a fevered pitch and not all diagnoses are far fetched. The images of her seizure like brain freeze, loss of thought in speeches, stumbling and needing help climbing stairs, all give concern to many on the Right that the Hillary Campaign is hiding something serious from the public.

Signed by nearly 60,000 people and 3000 doctors, a petition in 2008 called for the full release of John McCain’s medical records after he secured the Republican presidential nomination. McCain was 72 years-old at that time and had been diagnosed with invasive melanoma. In May of that year, a select group of reporters were allowed to review 1173 pages of his medical records but were only given three hours to do so. Hillary has released one, just one page from her doctor stating she’s fine.

In a video released by the group The Real McCain, Michael D. Franklin, MD opens with the statement;

“In the point of view of the physicians, every candidate for major political office owes it to the electorate clear assurances that they are capable of satisfying the requirements of the job”

Pictures started circulating after the DNC Convention showing a sore on Hillary’s tongue suggests she may have symptoms of Oropharyngeal cancer, and a world class oncologist agrees. Symptoms of persistent coughing is a sign of Oropharyngeal cancer and as you can hear in this video  she does seem to have a problem speaking clearly.

“There are definitely some questions to be asked,” Dr. James Olivander told the Christian Times Newspaper. “The coughing is one thing that could suggest many, but the appearance of a lesion or surgical cut on her tongue directly suggests Oropharyngeal cancer.”

Oropharyngeal cancer is treatable and should really be of no concern but her other noticeable health issues should raise an alarm. This viral video has brought the issue to the forefront with many asking, is there more going on we need know? Rumors of Parkinson’s disease, dementia, medications to control blood clotting; we all remember the concussion she suffered in 2013 and it seems Hillary’s health has gone downhill since then.

Dr. Drew weighed in on this health issue digging deep into the medical records he was allowed to see. Describing the care she’s receiving as something out of 1950, he went into detail of the many ailments and medications her doctors are monitoring.

If the Clinton campaign thinks they can brush this off and try to wait it out, they’re sadly mistaken. While calls for Hillary to release all her medical records are being laughed off by her campaign, TruePundit is offering a million dollar reward for her real medical records. I don’t recommend hacking someone’s medical records, last I checked that would be illegal but can we trust her to deliver them or will they “mistakenly” be deleted?

Things are getting so serious we now have someone on her Secret Service Detail speaking out. In an exclusive interview with InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs, he reports Hillary has Parkinson’s disease possibly brought on by the concussion. Though it’s impossible to make this diagnosis based on observation, she clearly suffers form some kind of neurological disorder. You’ll notice there are no reporters using flash when photos are taken at a Hillary campaign rally. This is because flashing lights have a way of activating seizures. There has also been modifications made to the vehicles Hillary uses due to her troubles with climbing. And then there is the pillows. She’s been using pillows for lumbar support in an attempt to aid blood flow.

It is too obvious something is so seriously wrong with Hillary’s health that someone could write a book about it. Hillary’s campaign is in complete damage control mode calling everyone conspiracy freaks and kooks, but are they? A cancer sore caused by sunlight on John McCain’s cheek ended with the release of over 1000 pages of medical records, yet as this article goes to press, we have still only seen ONE PAGE covering Hillary’s health. Sometimes more sunlight is what’s needed to get to the truth. Don’t look for this story to go away anytime soon.

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