Democrat Congresswoman evicted for not paying rent

Rep. Brenda Lawrence , US Congress, Michigan
Rep. Brenda Lawrence , US Congress, Michigan

According to the Daily Caller, Democrat Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence was sued for not paying her Washington DC apartment’s rent:

The Daily Caller News Foundation was tipped off by a neighbor, who noticed the court summons posted to Lawrence’s door Aug. 2. The summons requests her appearance in D.C. Superior Court Aug. 8 for a hearing.

Several members of Congress complain about the high cost of maintaining a home both in DC and their state. In fact, since she was a mayor in Michigan in 2008, Lawrence has complained about foreclosure homes and the lack of support from the banking industry in granting mortgages.

However, it is not the first time the Congresswoman failed to take care of her rent. In 2010, she was fell behind $75,000 in mortgage payments for her condo. But she paid what she owed once she received a foreclosure notice.

Lawrence’s problem is more likely a lack of responsibility rather than a lack of money. She should not wait to be hit with an eviction lawsuit before paying. She, as congresswoman, should be able to display proper administration of personal finance, especially if she plans to promote jobs and small businesses in Michigan.

If she can’t be responsible with the most basic responsibility of paying rent, how can we trust her with our Nation’s finances?

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