Coincidence or corruption? Clinton Foundation’s ties to State Dept land deal

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Records obtained by Fox News reveal that the State Department, after Hillary Clinton left her government position, started the process to buy real estate in Nigeria from a company owned by a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

In 2013, Mary Davis, an American diplomat in Africa, was asked by real estate specialist William Franklin to express, in the name of the State department, interest in buying land from Eko Atlantic, a real estate company subsided by Chagoury Group.

The interesting detail that:

Chagoury Group [is owned by] Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-born businessman whom federal records show has donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

In fact, their relationship goes back to Bill Clinton’s candidacy when, among other things:

Chagoury donated nearly $500,000 to a voter-registration drive designed to help Democratic candidates

A group email in 2009 also revealed that the Clintons helped Chagoury obtain access to Lebanon officials.

Shortly after Hillary left the Obama Administration, Bill Clinton even celebrated with the Chagourys the company’s reclamation of 5 million square meters of land. And only twelve days later, Franklin began his quest to obtain land from the Changoury owned company.

According to the State Department, the transaction was never completed. But it claims that:

“independent international real estate firm” had identified Eko Atlantic as a potential site the following year.

According to a former US ambassador, John Bolton commented that:

“The impression left is that there’s favoritism involved, … and it’s just very unusual to have this kind of focus on someone with such clear financial connections to even the departed secretary of state.”

For the president of Citizens United David Bossie this is suspicious too.

“A month after Bill Clinton visits a Gilbert and Ronald Chagoury-run land project in Nigeria, the U.S. State Department wants to buy the same land…Who could be so lucky? A major donor to the Clinton Foundation, that’s who.”

Is this is a case of favoritism or simply a mere coincidence that the best real state deal is from a major donor to the Clinton Foundation?

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Photo Credit to U.S. Department of State

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