Campus carry started in Texas; Here’s how Liberal students are protesting…

Gun Control, women, dead, alley
Gun Control, women, dead, alley

August 1st was the first day of ‘Campus Carry’ at public Texas universities. Finally, students will be able to protect themselves and not be sitting ducks in a government-mandated gun free zone.

Women will actually be able to protect themselves from rape rather than peeing on themselves as some liberals have suggested they do.

All students will be able to do what they do off campus – protect themselves if the need arises.

Of course the left wing loons on campus aren’t happy about it. They would prefer women be raped or killed. It’s rather interesting how they are protesting campus carry.

From Women Holsters:

In protest of a new state law that allows guns on college campuses, students at the University of Texas in Austin plan on carrying dildos on August 24, 2016 – the first day of the fall semester.

Supported by the hashtag #CocksNotGlocks, the students are protesting S.B. 11, which is commonly referred to as the “campus carry” law. The law, which already prompted one UT-Austin professor to resign, has not sat well with some students. Jessica Jin, a UT alumni, launched Campus (DILDO) Carry in response to the law. “You’re carrying a gun to class?” Jin wrote in the description for the group’s Facebook page. “Yeah well I’m carrying a HUGE DILDO,” calling the event a “strap in”.

What do you think a rapist would do if one of these hoplophobes pointed a dildo at him? Do you think he’s going to run away or be frightened?

It’s ironic that these morons are using dildos to protest firearms. They seem to BE the biggest dildos on the campus, although I’m sure there are plenty of professors who fall into the category as well.

They don’t even see the despicable irony that they are using the symbol of a rapist’s weapon to protest women protecting themselves FROM rapists.

Not only is it a natural and God-given right to protect oneself, but it’s also explicitly enumerated and protected by the Bill of Rights. Apparently they don’t teach that in colleges anymore.

Shocker. Not.

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