Black Lives Matter movement releases list of demands

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

It’s selfish when we chant that All Lives Matter, yet the Black Lives Matter movement just released a list of their demands to promote their “vision for black lives.” Certainly, it is not to say that black lives don’t matter, however the extent of the list will make you want to come up with a list of your own grievances.

The Black Lives Matter movement was formed in 2013 after the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman incident. Yet, the movement released an agenda that goes as far as stating that there is an

“ongoing call and struggle for reparations for the historic and continuing harms of colonialism and slavery.” 

What does this have to do with a movement that was in reaction to a police shooting…in 2013!?

Upon examining the list, it seems as though the Black Lives Matter movement is subjecting themselves to racial stereotypes. Before the points are made, the title reads that the following is a “vision for black lives.” It continues to call for

“Retroactive decriminalization and immediate release of all people convicted of drug offenses.”

The hypocrisy of this list is evident, as it calls for free education, decriminalization of drugs offenses, and reparations from slavery all under the vision for blacks. Yet, movements like All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter are scrutinized  for calling attention to their cause.

If we all decided to release a list of our demands, every group would have their own set of grievances. But it seems as though only the Black Lives Matter movement can speak up.

See the full list of their demands at DennisMichaelLynch

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