Biden reveals Nuclear Secrets… so much for Trump being a loose cannon!

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

It must be something about nuclear codes or leaders of the Left because here is another slip-up from our “favorite” party. Appearing at a Democrat conference with Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden attempted to trash talk Donald Trump but ended up embarrassing himself and Clinton by revealing secrets about our nuclear codes.

Instead of focusing on spreading their promising message of love, hope, and change, Biden and Clinton took the to the stage to criticize Donald Trump saying, “Someone who lacks this judgment cannot be trusted.”

At one point, it felt as if Joe was taking a stab at Hillary because, let’s be honest, when can we ever trust this woman? However, shortly after Joe spoke about Trump’s supposed lack of judgment, he proceeded to point to his aid behind him, stating that he is holding the nuclear codes as he speaks. Genius.

So, who lacks judgment??

“There’s a guy that follows me, right back here.” Thanks Joe, now we know.

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Photo Credits: US Dept of Labor

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