Bernie supporters vow to abandon Democrat Party for Trump

Bernie Sanders Supporters, NeverHillary, Video Still
Bernie Sanders Supporters, NeverHillary, Video Still

A recent video released by CampusReform covered the DNC in Philadelphia as numerous Bernie supporters expressed their discontent. Protests filled the streets of Philadelphia but its not against who you think is…

While Bernie supporters are still upset that their candidate of choice is not the party nominee, they are vocal about the slogan “Never Hillary.” Cabot Phillips, a reporter for CampusReform asked several members of the protest about who they will be voting for in November. And no, they’re not protesting against Trump.

It is clear that even Bernie supporters are furious at the thought of Hillary taking office, as many are willing to abandon the Democrat Party. “I’m going to use all my time and energy to make sure that Hillary doesn’t win,” says one former Bernie supporter who is now pledging his allegiance to vote for Trump.


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