Benghazi HERO calls Hillary Clinton “delusional”

Hillary Clinton, video still
Hillary Clinton, video still

U.S. Marine and Benghazi hero, John Tiegen responds to Hillary Clinton’s recent interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Hillary implied that the people involved in the incident were just “confused” or mis-remembering the events surrounding Benghazi and her involvement. As if that weren’t bad enough, she says they are “exploiting that confusion for the advantage of others.” WOW! I think she just took hypocrisy to new heights!

Tiegen says she’s “delusional,” going on to emphatically state the following about the attack on Benghazi:

“She’s directly responsible… Yes it is your fault… You’re the leader… You were the Secretary of State…. It’s YOUR job to make sure all your employees are taken care of.”

That about sums it up. Yes, folks. That’s what a leader does. They take responsibility for those underneath them, both good and bad.

He was there. You can be sure he isn’t confused. His story hasn’t changed since the event, unlike Hillary’s.

Tiegen recommends you read the book and see the movie “13 Hours” to fully understand what happened with Benghazi. We do too. Invite your friends. Have a movie night. It’s important to know the full truth and spread the word. This woman is vying to be our next Commander in Chief!

Calling her “delusional” only touches the tip of the iceberg. What kind of person says these kinds of things about the people who have suffered through the Benghazi incident? Cold. Calculating. Callous. Devious. And above all… Selfish.



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