Another nail in the coffin of religious freedom

Church cross steeple, Religious freedom
Church cross steeple, Religious freedom

Your religion isn’t really yours anymore – yes, they’ve gotten down to that, too! A recent bill passed in California will now mandate 40 religious colleges to honor anti-discrimination laws for LGBT students. Does this mean sharing bathrooms, too?

Even state-funded religious schools will now be forced to change their school policies in order to fit with anti-discrimination laws.

Several Bishops in Los Angeles have spoken out against this new bill, stating:

… the bill forces institutions to choose between compromising their religious beliefs and risking expensive litigation to defend themselves. “This is a choice that no individual or institution should face in our state or in our country”

Is it not an established fact that private institutions function separately from government decisions? In fact, one Bishop states: “Title IX of federal law also respects the rights of faith-based colleges and universities to operate free from government meddling.”

What will colleges do if these policies interfere with religious beliefs? After all, they are faith-based schools. The one simple fact that seems to be overlooked here is… no one is forcing anyone to attend these schools. When prospective students go through the process of choosing a college, they look for one that fits their beliefs and their lifestyle. If it doesn’t fit, cross it off the list! What this legislation has effectively done is work to eliminate faith-based options for students looking to incorporate faith in their college experience.

Read more about the changes that the bill will mandate here at CampusReform

Picture Credit: Dave Sutherland



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