Americans in Israel Stump for Trump!

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Israel
Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Israel

Recently, I received a huge blessing and honor from the Donald Trump campaign office out of Florida to be able to volunteer for the most pro-Israel candidate… Donald Trump.

In Israel, there are over 300,000 registered American voters who in past elections made a huge difference. I truly believe every vote counts, even absentee votes. My tasks will be writing and working a ground campaign in the Holy Land to show why he is right for the job and then bring in the votes.

I have written plenty of articles about why Donald Trump should be the next President.  I have also written about why Hillary Clinton should not be President, and believe me, she is not a friend of Israel.

This is an excellent video which speaks directly to Jews and elaborates on how Donald Trump is a true friend of Israel and the American Jewish community.

We need to put the labels Republican and Democrat behind us and unite together. That is how important this election is.

Here is the Facebook group to connect Americans back in the States with Americans in Israel and share information. Let’s face it, the Liberal media in Israel are just as bad as the Liberal media in America, so lets stick with the facts.

Americans in Israel for Donald Trump!


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