Why the Left doesn’t care about Blue Lives

Blue Lives Matter rally
Blue Lives Matter rally

How does the Left prove that all lives don’t matter? By rejecting a piece of legislation that would make cop killing a hate crime. Once again, Blue Lives don’t matter. A vote to make cop killing a hate crime will be introduced in Congress despite the lack of support from the Left. But let’s make it clear: Blue Lives Matter!

Police deaths are up by 94 percent and “there have been 66 police officers and 24 police K9s who have died in the line of duty in 2016.” Despite this, the Left seems to believe that accepting “Blue Lives Matter” means rejecting “Black Lives Matter.” Although it may be tough the get Democrats on board, John Bel Edwards, Democrat governor of Louisiana took it upon himself to push for the Blue Lives Matter act on a state level.

Residents of Louisiana seem to be on board with the Blue Lives Matter Act after the police shooting in Baton Rouge.

Although the act is meant to be a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement, it is important to note that the two acts should not negate each other. It is clear that both the black community and law enforcement have had tragedies in 2016. What is frustrating is the Left’s rejection of any other movements because they feel as though Black Lives Matter is disregarded.

I once heard someone ask me: “If you were at a breast cancer walk, would you shout ‘ All cancers matter!’ ?” I thought to myself and for a moment considered the idea. Of course, I wouldn’t do that, that would take away the attention and the importance of that particular event. But that doesn’t stop me from creating another walk for another type of disease. Similarly, stating that Blue Lives Matter isn’t meant to take away from the importance of the black community.

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