What the Left didn’t learn from Vietnam

Approaching WW3
Approaching WW3

The primary duty of a government is to ensure the safety of its people. Unless the Left is running that government. At the National Republican Convention, Marcus Luttrell, a United States Navy Seal expressed words of discontent. Recalling the bloodbath in Vietnam, Luttrell critiques the continuous poor military strategies and the lessons that the Left didn’t learn. He states “…war is here, you don’t have to find it.” Thanks, Liberals.

It’s obvious that Luttrell, like the rest of us, is concerned about the growing threat that is ISIS. However, he expresses that the United States military is not to blame. Troops tirelessly fight and defend– when they’re allowed.

He states:

“Wars used to be fought differently. The civilian leaders would give the military leaders an objective, and then get out of the way and let them do their jobs. “

Vietnam was one of the worst tragedies in American History. The Left seems to be applying the same tactics to our military today from a war that we devastatingly lost. So, what’s the logic behind that?

The “micromanaging” and “ridiculous rules” by our politicians prevent our troops from properly carrying out operations. Essentially, we are waiting for the threat to come to us. However, the consequences are evident.

Perhaps the plan of the Left is to fight off radical terror with “love” and “acceptance”, as Obama has suggested in the past.  However, we must accept and love those who threaten us while Americans are being beheaded overseas — right?

What is worse is combining the military restrictions with growing threats internationally, as shown by terror attacks in France, Belgium, Turkey, and Germany. Plus, domestic threats and not to mention (yes, you’re thinking it!), the influx of Syrian Refugees!

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