Want proof we are idiots? Pokemon!

The new Pokemon-go game is all the rage. Works off your smartphone and parents love it cause it gets their kid off the couch and outside.

The problem is they seem to have some boundary issues, cliffs, highways and more.

Our young people are getting out and about BUT getting hurt in many numbers!

Pokemon-related injuries:
Two men fall from bluff while playing smartphone game;
teen hit by car.

The mania surrounding “Pokeman Go” continued Thursday, July 14th as more users found themselves in precarious situations while playing the augmented reality game.

In North San Diego County, KTLA reports two men fell off a bluff while playing the smartphone game.

Law enforcement agencies across the nation are reporting a plethora of Pokemon-related attacks and odd happenings since the game was released one week ago, on July 6th.

On Wednesday, July 13th, firefighters rescued two men who fell several stories after a sandy bluff they were standing on collapsed in Encinitas, according to authorities.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the men were playing Pokemon Go at the time.

One man fell 75 to 100 feet, and the other…

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