US-backed Islamists brutally behead child in Syria

THIS is what your tax dollars are paying for!

Syrian Rebels Behead Boy
Syrian Rebels Behead Boy

In video released last week, a child was filmed with Islamist fighters from a U.S. and Turkish-backed “opposition” group in a red pick-up truck. In the video, the Islamists taunt him with “sexual” touching and also abusive grabs of his hair, yanking his head back. In the full-length video, which I have personally seen, and originally posted by the “opposition” group, the Islamists are shown taking selfies while abusing the boy and tormenting him, and telling him that they are going to behead him.

In the one video, by merely looking at the boy’s body language and facial expressions, it is apparent that the child has been physically and sexually abused. Added to that, his right hand is bloody, probably from touching his own wounded body parts.

In the full-length video (posted at ClarionProject and also on Twitter/@HKX07), the child is slowly beheaded with a dull knife. (*** WARNING *** Video is GRAPHIC! This is NOT a movie. This is NOT a stunt. This is a HUMAN BEING. This is someone’s CHILD!)

When asked about his final wish before dying, the child begs to be shot rather than slaughtered. Their answer? One of the Islamists laughs and says to the boy:

“Slaughter! We are even worse than ISIS”.

Then another Islamist says:

“I have the perfect knife”.

It was a knife with a very dull blade that took much slow carving on the neck (and pain) to decapitate the child.

None of the “opposition” groups that the U.S. is backing consist of Syrians. These “opposition” groups consist of foreign Islamists who came to Syria to fight for Islamic Law and to force Syria to become an Islamic country. Turkey and Saudi Arabia want the entire region to be fully Islamic, and to be fully run by Islamic Law.

The Syrian people, their Army and National Defense Forces, do not want Islamic Law, and they are fighting it. So the “opposition” groups believe that any Syrian civilian can be tortured and killed, as per the Quran and Islamic Doctrine.

On the day after the torture and beheading of this child, a U.S. official stated: “If we can prove what happened and this group was involved in it, it would give us pause about any further assistance [to them].” As of July 23rd, the U.S. has blown off any attempts to “officiate the video” and has continued backing this “opposition” group. A group who admits they “are even worse than ISIS”.

The U.S. is on the wrong side.

The Syrian people do not want Islamic Law. And they want these US-backed foreign Islamist groups out of their country.

Additionally, on July 23rd, members of a US-backed “opposition” group shot civilians in a public park, intentionally targeting women and children who frequent the park.

Additional still photos of the beheading; and, a photo of an “opposition” attack that took place on civilians in a public park in Aleppo today–an attack that purposefully targeted women and children at the park. An “opposition” group backed by the US are posted at

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.