Roving Somali gangs in upscale US neighborhood

Somali Gang, Minneapolis
Somali Gang, Minneapolis

Imagine you live in a quiet, upscale neighborhood in your suburban town. One day a roving gang of Somali men come screeching down your street shouting “jihad”, running over sidewalks and lawns. They see one of your neighbors outside her house and threaten to rape her. Imagine this happens repeatedly. The police are called but never show up in time. This is the danger all Americans who live in towns accepting Muslim refugees will face. Minnesota is plagued with them. Where are the news reports? RefugeeResettlementWatch puts it this way:

“…the lengths to which the media goes to hide the truth when it involves refugees of a certain ‘religious’ persuasion is stunning.”

WND interviewed eyewitnesses:

“On the second day, multiple neighbors were running out, trying to get license plate numbers, and were on the phone with the police. They were running outside, barefoot. One woman came and swept up her child and took her back in the house,” Penskey said. “Imagine six cars driving 50 mph through a residential street, then slamming on the brakes, driving on lawns, exploding fireworks. They almost hit one child and actually did hit one of their own.”

“Police took up to three hours to arrive.”

“The robed Somalis scared vacationers off the beach that morning, reportedly using their duffel bags as fake guns, pointing them at families and pretending to shoot them, one by one. The sound of exploding bottle rockets crashed through the heavy morning air.”

Read the full accounts at RefugeeResettlementWatch and WND.

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