Muslim Brotherhood group discourages Muslims from talking to FBI

See Something Say Something, Chicago, Billboard, Muslim, Pakistani
See Something Say Something, Chicago, Billboard, Muslim, Pakistani

To protect citizens from possible terrorist attacks, sometimes the FBI and other organizations depend on the collaboration of citizens themselves. But apparently, not everyone is willing to provide that cooperation.

The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook paid billboards read: “Muslims to Muslims: See Something. Say Something. Save Innocent Lives” to fight terrorism.

“We are trying to tell average Americans this is who we are, and we do not condone (terrorism),” said Talat Rashid, founder of the group, who also is a member of Bolingbrook’s Planning Commission and was the suburb’s 2003 Citizen of the Year. “If we see anyone in our community that is off track, we will let the authorities know.”

However, the executive director of Chicago’s Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ahmed Rehab considers those billboards useless and dangerous since they can increase Islamophobia.

“I’m in the business of countering Islamophobia. I know that work needs to be done,” Rehab was quoted as saying. “I just don’t think that cementing a misperception on a billboard is going to help.

This is not the first time CAIR has objected to collaborating with authorities. In 2011, CAIR hosted an event called “FBI Raids and Grand Jury Subpoenas: Know your rights and Defend Our Communities.”

With this reaction and lack of support for The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook, CAIR only confirms that they are a pro-terrorist association and that the FBI and US Attorney’s Office are right by naming it a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas group.

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