More lies about the Iran Deal… yes, it matters, and you should be concerned

Irans Deal Of The Century
Irans Deal Of The Century

Nooooo! It’s not possible!!! Obama would NEVER lie or evade the American people. He’s a Muslim, errrr, American right? Obama loves this great nation, right?

He would not, INTENTIONALLY, keep such information about the Iran Deal and national security hidden from the public. ..right?

The document outlines how Iran plans to escalate its uranium enrichment efforts with the blessing of the Obama administration until it reaches the point where a nuclear breakout would require only a few weeks of work.

In fact, this is the 3rd such hidden Truth that has unveiled itself. Focus people. Stop the in-fighting over Cruz or Trump‬! That’s done. Hillary will do exponentially worse than Obama to place us in harms way. Focus people. Focus!

BTW, why is Obama NOT under federal investigation for this?

H/T TheDailySignal

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