Is the threat of Radical Islam REALLY “overblown”, Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

Terrorist attacks such as the suicide bombing at an Istanbul’s airport, shootings at the club in Florida and, recently, a rampaging truck at Nice, France have killed thousands of civilians around the world. And they all have something in common: radical Islam.

The radicalization of Islam continues to propagate yet seems to be ignored by many leaders. For example, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson believes that the threat of radical Islam is “overblown”.

The former governor told The DC that radical Islam is an “overblown” threat.

“You can argue we’re at war with ISIS, I’ll concede that,” Johnson said. He added, “Do I have issue with wiping out ISIS? If it involves boots on the ground, if it involves dropping bombs, if it involves flying drones, I think that all those methods have the unintended consequence of making things worse not better.”

It is sad that a nominee, who aspires to run a nation that had been the target of terrorist attacks, does not realize that not acknowledging there is a common pattern in these attacks is counterproductive and dangerous. Ignoring will not help us deal with this threat. Nominee Johnson, as many other political leaders, needs to understand that the cause of these attacks is Radical Islam. It is the common denominator that affects everyone, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

So… NO, this threat is not overblown.

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