Is justice served when Blue Lives Don’t Matter?

blue lives don't matter
blue lives don't matter

Save the hashtags because blue lives don’t matter! A recent Tweet by an editor for Think Progress, a Liberal organization, exposed the insensitivity of the Left to those who serve and protect our communities. Zack Ford tweeted

“Given how police haven’t been held accountable for murdering black people, it’s no surprise some are taking justice into their own hands.”

Wait, what?

After receiving numerous backlash Tweets, Ford deleted the Tweet and attempted to explain himself. After basically saying that murder is solved with murder, he expressed that he is not in favor of violence. Still, Ford believes that the few cops who “get away with it” reflect the entire system.

Doesn’t this sound like the typical hypocrisy of the Left? It’s “offensive” and not politically correct when all Muslims are to blame for radical Islamic terror. Yet, all cops are a reflection of a “broken” system?

Ford continued to send out a series of Tweets to justify what he “meant.” But he seemed to be making a bad situation worse. He is a prime example of those who promote an issue rather than solving it.

Is it wrong of us to mourn the losses of our fallen police officers? And does that take away from #BlackLivesMatter?

See more of Ford’s Tweets at LidBlog

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