ICYMI: Anti-gun professor wants to storm NRA HQ and leave no survivors

NRA, Virginia, HQ
NRA, Virginia, HQ

In case you missed this previously… this is the quality of professors liberal institutions are putting in front of our young adults at colleges and universities across the country. FoxNewsInsider reports:

An Ohio professor is reportedly under investigation for making a Facebook post calling for anti-gun activists to “storm the NRA headquarters” and “make sure there are no survivors.”

James Pearce, an adjunct professor at Southern State Community College in Hillsboro, wrote the post on June 13, the day after the terrorist mass shooting attack in Orlando.

“Look, there’s only one solution,” Pearce wrote. “A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors.”

Teachers and professors wield an enormous amount of influence over young minds. As parents, it’s our job to have the discussions that counter-balance this Liberalism. And in this case, the ridiculously inappropriate suggestion that lawless violence is a solution. Even if it was in jest (as he now says it was), someone in his position is held to a higher standard. The FBI and DHS are involved, as well they should be.

And… as if that weren’t enough stupidity from this one professor. There’s also the fact that he’s suggesting a bunch of inexperienced anti-gunners “storm” the NRA headquarters. Stop and think about that for just a second. Is there any place (except maybe the White House) more likely to be heavily armed than the NRA HQ, where you might expect pretty much everyone could be packing heat. And he’s “teaching” young minds!

Guys like this are EXACTLY the reason the 2nd Amendment exists and that individual citizens’ rights to bear arms should not be infringed! Hey Prof… thanks for making that point!

Read the full story at FoxNewsInsider. Then call your college student and ask them who their professors are so you can “Friend” them on Facebook. No, I’m not kidding!

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