How can we ignore that the Left is anti-Israel?

Palestinian Flag at DNC
Palestinian Flag at DNC

The socialist that the younger generation depended on is starting to show a side of himself that leaves the people questioning… Who was Bernie Sanders all along?

At the start of the Democratic National Convention, Sanders endorsed his once running mate, Hillary Clinton! In addition, he called for a “pull to the Left” of the party. What this presumably means is issues like LGBT rights and the Syrian Refugee crisis will be placed above the strengthening of our military, supporting veterans, national security, and our relations with foreign countries. Genius.

Sanders has been previously caught with anti-Semitic statements despite being Jewish himself. He even overly exaggerates Palestinian death tolls when discussing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Sanders certainly seemed to jeopardize US relations with Israel.

If that’s not enough, what was seen on the convention floor is more chilling. If you haven’t guessed it, allow Donald Trump, who speaks the truth for us all, to say it. “Not one American flag on the massive stage at the democratic convention.” Well, not ACTUAL flags, but there were digital representations on some of the screens. But don’t worry, there were actual flags present… Palestine’s.

Those who held up the flag were members of an organization called “Progressives for Palestine,” and held up banners for the people- and the cameras- to see. Democratic delegates such as Charles Lenchner were seen holding a sign that stated “I support Palestinian Human Rights.”

A rabbi who attended the convention spoke out about his discontent Tweeting, “I have not yet seen a single similar sign for Israel.”

How can we ignore that the Left is anti-Israel?

Read more about “Progressives for Palestine” here IsraelNationalNews.

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