Historically black school to ban History major!

Lincoln University
Lincoln University

History will repeat itself to those who do not remember it. Unless, of course, we erase it ourselves. Lincoln University, a historically black college located in Pennsylvania, founded by black Civil War Veterans, is seeking to cut its history program, only leaving a few courses that students can select from. The University argues that cutting the history program will save them about $300,000, as they will “better use the resources…to strengthen degrees with a higher demand.”

The university is ultimately saying that a history major is useless…right…because it’s not like John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, or George W, former Presidents of the United States, didn’t major in history!

Why is this a problem?

Who would have thought that we would reach a time when students are robbed of the power of choice in an education they are paying for? They are cutting off access to an area of study that narrates the story of humanity! This includes important events such as the Civil War, the Emancipation in 1863 and the Civil Rights Movement. As well as the election of the first African-American President, and yes, slavery. All of these events are major, especially for an African American student to learn about in order to fix the very issues they are fighting for.

For example… Black Lives Matter? Yes.

But,  the struggle of being black in 21st century America would not be a pressing issue if we didn’t examine the very problems that caused them.

However, budgeting can’t be their only excuse for cutting the program. Lincoln University board members argue the history is not in demand, however, majors like visual arts and theology are ranked two of the lowest demanding degrees by Forbes Magazine. The university offers both majors.

Could it be that Lincoln University is siding with the arguments that history only narrates the white privilege of America?

Read more about the university’s decision at CampusReform.

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