Hillary & DNC prove its OK to break the law!

Mother and daughter speaking out at DNC
Mother and daughter speaking out at DNC

At the Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton set an example for the rest of the world about our country: its ok to break our laws!

On national television, a mother, and her daughter approached the DNC podium and announced that they are in the United States illegally. Behind them played a video of Clinton greeting the little girl at some point in her campaign travels. The girl is seen telling Clinton that her mother was to be deported. So…why is she at the convention?

Obviously, the mother disregarded her notice of deportation and it was arranged for her to speak at the convention. Hmm..take a wild guess about who invited them!

Clinton not only supported the illegals in their law breaking but also set an example for the future. It is clear that Clinton has no regard for U.S. immigration laws. This sets a clear image of the types of policies she would enforce as president.

In addition, another young girl took the podium with her mother and confessed: “I came to America illegally with my mother when I was 4-years old.  We crossed the river [Rio Grande] on a raft.”

It is obvious that U.S immigration laws are not taken seriously by those who enter illegally. However, it is more disturbing that a potential (hopefully not) future leader is allowing, supporting, and publicizing the act of illegal entry.

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