Gang targets Trump Hispanic supporters

Gang Member
Gang Member

Democracy, which grants citizens the opportunity to participate in the election of the leaders that administrate the country, is one the benefits of being in America. However, thanks to the gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), people cannot freely support the candidate they want. This gang is now targeting Hispanic delegates and their families who support presidential candidate Donald Trump.

These delegates have flatly refused to be interviewed, although some have been seen on television within the California floor delegation waving Trump signs.

The Trump delegates said that, like themselves, some Hispanic Republicans and others in California are refusing to publicly indicate their preference for Trump because of the threat of violence from MS-13.

People should be able to support whoever they want in an election, and they should not fear retaliation if they support the “wrong” candidate. What is worrisome is that this gang has a strong presence in California, Washington D.C, Boston, New Jersey, and Houston. Who knows what impact the MS–13 could have on voters November 8th.

These violent threats from the MS-13 gang only encourage the immigration policies that Trump wants to implement. Although some people may argue that they may be too drastic, if they can prevent criminals who threaten democracy from entering the country, suddenly they don’t sound so harsh now… right?

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