Free pasta for everyone!


Pastafarian fights to wear pasta strainer in license photo.

What has happened to us? The Supreme court has already ruled this “religion” a farce… BUT hey, we also believe “no guns” equals “NO shootings.”

As a Pastafarian, Ms. Hoover belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Now, the state says her license will become invalid if she doesn’t retake the picture before July 29.

On Facebook, the 21-year-old called it a matter of “religious freedom” and said she was ridiculed by workers and others at the Schaumburg Secretary of State Drivers Services center.

“A woman, she passed by and she said pretty loudly with a sneer, ‘It just looks silly,’ ” said Hoover, an Arlington Heights resident. “It’s demeaning and insulting.”

After receiving notice from the Secretary of State’s office that she was issued an ‘incorrect’ photo and required to take a new one, Hoover said she lodged a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union.

Hoover, a student at Northern Illinois University, said she wants to sue for religious discrimination, but a lawsuit doesn’t fit into her college budget.

More pasta at: Pastafarian

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