Firefighters forced to remove police flag to avoid inciting violence

Thin Blue Line Flag, Firetruck
Thin Blue Line Flag, Firetruck

And here we have another story that’ll make you shake your head and say “What is happening to our country?” Since when does displaying a flag in support of police incite violence?? Apparently… since NOW!

Todd Starnes over at Fox News American Dispatch posted this story.

A group of firefighters in Riverside County, California wanted to honor police officers killed in Baton Rouge and Dallas.

So firefighter Eric Hille decided to display a pro-police flag on one of the fire engines at Sunnymead Ranch Station 48.

You’ve probably seen the flag — it’s black and white with a  blue stripe through the middle — symbolizing the “thin blue line.”

Not that anyone complained about the flag display… but the Fire Chief felt it necessary to issue a directive to remove the flag and offered the following “explanations”:

“How is this perceived by not only the public, but also those that would seek to do harm to those in public safety?” … “Some feel the flag is an attempt to incite further violence against those who, to our very core, have dedicated our lives to protecting all lives.”

“Should we potentially increase the risk for our firefighters by flying flags, banners or signs in this time of divisiveness.”

“The type of flag — while strongly supporting our LE (law enforcement) family — could increase tension or cause a negative response within the community.”

It’s a sad state of affairs when expressing support for the very people sworn to serve and protect us is somehow considered “divisive” and even worse, possibly dangerous to other first responders like our firefighters.

While his concern might be valid in some communities, it might have been a better show of solidarity to fly the flag anyway, and if necessary, work together with local law enforcement to ensure the firefighters’ safety.

Capitulating to bullies is NEVER the right answer.

Firefighter Eric Hille posted photos of the flag and commented on the situation while standing his ground and refusing to remove a photo of Thin Blue Line flag from his Facebook page, despite orders. Eric says:

“We can’t shroud our badges or even lower our station flags to half-staff, and this is just simply heart breaking.”

You can help him by sharing the photos and his story standing in solidarity with law enforcement. #BackTheBlue

Read the full article by Todd Starnes over at Fox News American Dispatch
And read firefighter, Eric Hille’s post and see the photos.

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