Did you know… refrigerators are a bigger concern than combating ISIS?

John Kerry, Secretary of State
John Kerry, Secretary of State

Implementing climate change laws will take place by the end of the year while a solution to ISIS remains unclear. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Vienna to discuss his climate change plan. He discussed the emission of chemicals from household appliances saying they contribute to global warming. But, that’s not all he said.

“…what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance,” comparing climate change to combating the Islamic State. This man… our Secretary of State… says concerns about our refrigerators is just as serious as defeating ISIS!

That’s not to say that our environment is not important at all. But seeing how quickly Kerry is pushing implementation of these laws leaves one to wonder what the priorities of our leaders are.

According to budget reports released by the White house, around $21,408 is put into climate change research. And yes, that number is in millions. So, what is the reasoning of the Left? Kerry says that climate change is important because it can save lives on earth.

If ISIS and climate change are of equal importance, where are our solutions to ISIS? How many lives are lost to climate change vs. ISIS? Or do they not matter…

Read more about Kerry’s meeting in Vienna at the WashingtonExaminer

Photo credit U.S. Department of State


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