Did Obama call Trump a terrorist during his DNC speech?

President Obama
President Obama

Obama’s presidency comes to a conclusion as he looks to Hillary Clinton to continue his legacy. The legacy of preserving our rights, the legacy of keeping our country safe, and the legacy of finally defeating ISIS. Oh, wait…

While taking the podium at the Democrat National Convention (DNC), Obama had a few words to say about the Republican nominee, as he warned people of Donald Trump’s future failures and compared him to a “terrorist” and “jihadist”. (He doesn’t even use those words to describe the REAL terrorists and jihadists!)

“Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order,” stated Obama. Perhaps Trump alone can’t fix the system, but Obama and his whole administration haven’t either.

Obama capitalized on “his” defeat of Osama Bin Laden, the acceptance of illegal aliens, and the boosting of the economy. He moved on to state that America was always great. What a way to steal the audiences’ hearts… last time his wife spoke, she choked up with tears because she “wakes up every morning in a White House built by slaves.”

It also seems as though the Left can’t deliver a speech solely based on their agenda without trash-talking Trump. But, the crowd chanted “Yes We Can” as Obama spoke of Clinton, stating that she is the one who will continue his legacy and urged the crowd the “carry Hillary to victory”

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