Did Hillary use mothers of gun violence victims as a campaign prop?

DNC, Mothers Of The Movement
DNC, Mothers Of The Movement

The “mothers of the movement,” women who advocate for gun control and racial justice after they lost their children in a gun related incident, joined the Democratic National Convention (DNC) stage to show one more time their support for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Lucia McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis who was shot four years ago in Jacksonville, commented that:

“I’m very humbled that Secretary Clinton and the DNC would want me to speak and represent the mothers around the nation who are suffering from the consequences of gun violence. I’m hoping my son would be proud of me.”

She also stressed, even though her son was not shot by the police, that gun violence and policing are intertwined.

“You can’t separate any of those kinds of issues,” she said. “We have all suffered from systemic gun violence that’s pervasive through the system… Each of our tragedies happened a little bit differently, but they’re all interconnected. It’s still all one and the same.”

McBrath spoke against the criminal justice system, but her son’s shooter was convicted of first degree murdered. Does that show flaws in the system? Actually, it doesn’t. It reveals that the system does work and those who commit a crime face the consequences of their actions.

Like McBath, the other women also blamed the system and police brutally for their loss.

Maria Hamilton, another mother present at the convention, lost her son Dontre after he was shot by a police officer. However, her son first attacked the officer with the officer’s own baton.

Another example is the death of Michael Brown. According to a witness, Brown was shot after robbing a convenience store, punching a police officer, and trying to shoot him with the officer’s gun.

All those cases against the police should not be considered as a demonstration of brutality. These are situations where police officers needed to shoot in self-defense.

The sad part is that:

Democrats drag out grieving mothers to push nasty smears about the cops, the criminal justice system, and gun control.

In fact, Wanda Willingham, whose son was shot and killed in NY, complained about this and said:

“I don’t like issues like that being used for a campaign because really, that’s all it ever amounts to. To be very honest, I think right now she’s using it to campaign.”

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