DHS fires ICE whistleblower after offering her $100,000 to keep quiet

DHS. ICE, whistleblower
DHS. ICE, whistleblower

This is how our Obama Administration operates… offering a DHS whistleblower hush money. No only did they try to bribe this woman to keep quiet, but when she refused, they went after her with a vengeance to discredit her character. This is why no one says anything to out them. They’ll ruin your life and make it virtually impossible to get another job. Take a look at this report by TruthAndAction:

The administration’s contempt for whistleblowers was on full display in its treatment of a brave ICE agent who took a stand for our country’s immigration laws.

Thinking she was doing the responsible thing by going to Congress to voice her complaints, the Department of Homeland Security unceremoniously dismissed ICE Special Agent Taylor Johnson. Her dismissal comes in the wake of revelations that the department was leaking information to newspapers to tarnish Johnson’s image.

DHS’ conduct must have been extremely bad for them to not only do that, but to also offer her a $100,000 severance package, provided she did not discuss her case publicly any further. Disgusted by the offer, Johnson flatly rejected it and plans to continue speaking out against what she saw at ICE.

A veteran agency employee, Johnson was up on her way in the world when she incurred the wrath of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid by opposing a foreign-backed visa program. Since then, she has been hounded by administrative hassling that culminated in her dismissal this week.

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