Democrats Caught Mocking America: Don’t Apologize, Blame Putin

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Over the weekend the Democrat Party was humiliated by the release of a treasure trove of internal DNC emails from the folks at WikiLeaks. The emails uncovered the fact Democrats were corrupt, racist, lying scoundrels (something most of us already knew) and that they have been in bed with the media to destroy Bernie and the Republicans since before Clinton even announced her candidacy.

To combat the deluge of negative attention to their obviously heinous behavior, the DNC has taken to arguing that Vladimir Putin and the evil Russians are behind the leaks because they want Donald Trump to win (and that can’t be good). I could buy that. I could see Putin messing with Hillary and attempting to influence the American election, but that doesn’t matter at all.

The truth is this… Vladimir Putin and the Russians simply hacked the DNC.

  • Putin didn’t promise a fair campaign and then simultaneously and secretly work to screw Bernie Sanders and help Hillary Clinton get nominated.
  • Russia didn’t pay young voters to vote for Hillary in online polls, or to comment negatively against Bernie on those pages.
  • Putin didn’t privately discuss the fact that Hillary’s policies make no sense at all.
  • Russia didn’t force the DNC to mock Bernie Sanders’ religion.
  • Putin didn’t force the DNC to call Latino voters “Taco Bowls.”
  • Russia didn’t put pressure on the media to help Clinton win the nomination.
  • Putin didn’t promise the DNC’s big donors federal appointments(which smells an awful lot like bribery).
  • Russia didn’t offer to pay interns to go out and fake a protest during the RNC.

The DNC did all of this and so much more on their own.

Vladimir Putin might be a bad guy, and Russia might be our foe on the international stage, but leaking these emails wasn’t the wrong thing to do. It is simply more proof that the Democrat Party is corrupt, immoral, power-hungry, and completely inept… just like their boss, Hillary Clinton.

Reprinted with permission from Onan Coca at via LibertyAlliance.

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