BREAKING: Don’t trust your media for the truth about Turkey! (UPDATED)

John Kerry, Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan, State Dept
John Kerry, Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan, State Dept

UPDATE 7/16/16:

With deep sadness I must report that it looks like Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood won this round in Turkey. The Turkish people are not as organized as the Egyptian people were in their removal of the cancerous Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptians are very upset today by this failed attempt to take out the Erdogan “government.” This is because during the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, Morsi gave many speeches mentioning Erdogan and Erdogan’s goal of Egypt becoming part of a “caliphate” and the return to Islamic Law ruling the “world.” Turkey was to be the headquarters of the caliphate. That was in 2012, and the starting point of the whole mess in Syria and Iraq. And the goal of a Caliphate that would rule the world.

According to Erdogan, the Caliphate is supposed to reestablish the Ottoman Empire (the “Golden Age” of Islam) in which Syria and Iraq are supposed to be a part of. Ha! The alleged “Golden Age” was the most horrific time in the history of mankind.


Happening NOW… military coup in Turkey. Our Middle East correspondent Cheri Berens has been sending updates regarding what’s REALLY happening:

7/15/16 2pm PT:

Please people. Don’t trust your media for the truth or facts about what is happening in Turkey.

Don’t forget, the American media portrayed the Egyptian people taking out the Muslim Brotherhood as a “coup”. It was NOT a coup.

The American media portrayed the Egyptian military as the bad guy. Is the American military the “bad guy”? No, and neither was the Egyptian military. The military represented what the Egyptian people wanted. They weren’t the bad guy. They represented the people.

Don’t trust anyone who reports Erdogan as a good guy. He was beginning to enforce Islamic Law. Just like Morsi in Egypt. The people do not want it.

7/15/16 5pm PT:

Some Turkish TV channels are controlled by Turkish Muslim Brotherhood (i.e. Erdogan/Muslim Brotherhood control).

This is the same thing that happened in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood controlled certain TV. So when the take down of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt took place, the American media showed Muslim Brotherhood TV footage.

Right now, in Turkey, there are some small groups of Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood) rallying. They are a teeny weeny small group, but the TV channel is making it look more than it is–like its a giant support of Erdogan. Believe me–no one in Turkey wants Islamic Law. Only the Islamists — the Muslim Brotherhood.

Please, don’t fall prey to media propaganda. The Turkish people do not want an Islamic Law country. Just like Egypt and Syria — they do NOT want Islamic Law. Don’t believe the lies.

The Kurds have been massacring entire Christian villages, “to gain their independence.” I’ve been receiving reports for many months that Muslim Kurds are massacring Christian villages. Not just one report, but many. And not just from my Syrian Christian friends living there in the villages, but from Americans there, too. Kurds are Muslims. And Muslims are Muslims. And we, Americans, are being told lies. Wake up.

Photo credit US Dept of State

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.