Are Facebook and Twitter controlled by the DNC?

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Since their development, people have been using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to learn about what is going on around the world. In this election year, they played an important role as a source of news. People love to comment and share their opinions about the presidential candidates.

However, it seems that some platforms are taking sides with the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton by not allowing users to comment against her.

On Friday, after the web page WikiLeaks posted the DNC’s scandalous emails, #DNCLeaks became Twitter’s top trending news feed. However, by the evening the hashtag, that had 250,000 tweets, simply disappeared.

Some angry and astonished users commented:

“Don’t normally tweet political things, but why would @twitter pull the #DNCleaks from trending at #1. Sounds like censorship to me,” one user wrote.

Twitter is still trying to censor this trend! Now #DNCleak is trending instead of original #DNCLeaks! Keep talking guys, expose corruption,” added another.

[email protected] @google actions tonight by trying to stop @wikileaks #DNCLeaks #DNCLeak is a prime reason We need MONEY out of POLITICS,” said a third person

After people complained, it took 20 minutes for Twitter to restablish #DNCLeaks.

But Twitter was not the only page to censor information about DNC WikiLeaks. Facebook did not allow its users to post the links that refer people to the WikiLeaks Site.

It was only after WikiLeaks accused Facebook of censoring its content that Facebook CSO Max Stamos decide to fix this “accident” and unblocked the links to the whistleblower page.

News such this are really scary since it reveals that a group of individuals hold enough power to control online media and wipe out comments that speak negatively about the government or a candidate. So much for free speech and fair elections.

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Photo Credit to Gage Skidmore

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