All are welcome into Women’s bathroom at DNC

All gender bathroom sign at DNC 2016
All gender bathroom sign at DNC 2016

“All Gender” replaces Women’s bathroom! Let’s think back to what Civil Rights struggles used to mean. Dr. King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and segregation. Now, civil rights, as coined by the Left refers to the “struggle” of normalizing all gender bathrooms.

The Left does not fail to entertain us with their shenanigans at the Democrat National Convention (DNC). So, what happened this time? “Democrat Party “coincidentally” placed their “all-gender restroom” directly across from the press booth.” However, what is even more ridiculous is the fact that the bathroom is originally a WOMAN’S bathroom.

At the convention, Democrats coincidentally and strategically placed an “all gender bathroom” sign on a bathroom that was originally for women. The bathroom was located right across a press booth, perhaps for “good publicity”?

It is understandable that individuals might have their bathroom preferences, especially with the rise of the acceptance of the trans community. But the hypocrisy of the Left is clear, as this was the only bathroom, out of many in the whole facility, that was labeled “all gender.”

Was this a stunt for the media?

Read more about this “coincidence” at DailyWire

Photo credit MyNorthwest/JasonRantz

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